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Perfect comfort for every season and stage of life.

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Unique dual-sided technology: warmer on one side, cooler on the other.

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Our Unique Dear Sleep Mattress

Changing your sleep temperature is now as simple as flipping your mattress! With our Warm Up / Chill Out™ Technology, one side keeps you comfortably warm while the other side keeps you cool.

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The mattress for every season and stage of life.

Designed by women with deep expertise in the sleep products industry, the Dear Sleep Mattress delivers a unique solution that never sacrifices quality for convenience. With a “just right” medium feel and your choice of sleep temperature on either side, this is a mattress made for every type of sleeper. And we’ll ship it directly to you in a convenient box for easy unpacking and set up!

Warm Up / Chill Out™ Technology

Never sleep too hot or too cold again with our Temp Balance Cover on one side and our Ultra Cool Cover on the other.

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Gel-Infused Memory Foam

All of the pressure-relieving comfort of memory foam, but without the heat build-up thanks to a cooling gel infusion.

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Our 900 Series Maximum Support Individually Wrapped Coil Innerspring is built to be highly responsive and adaptive to support any sleep position.

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