Four Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Your Bedroom This Spring

Spring cleaning is in full swing! You may have already gotten a jumpstart on putting away your living room’s winter décor or even have made your way outside to prep your lawn. However, one space that shouldn’t be overlooked during your cleaning routine this year is the bedroom. Now is the time to take that clean a step further than just switching out the sheets and doing a quick vacuum.


While it doesn’t take much to make this space feeling like new, we’re sharing four of our favorite tips and tricks to clean and beautify your bedroom efficiently this spring.


Clean Your Mattress

While you can’t pop your mattress in the washing machine, you can clean it. With a few household items you can remove allergens, odors, and stains. Once bedding is removed, simply use the upholstery attachment or a handheld vacuum to pick up any dirt or dust.


You can stop there if you want, but you can deepen the clean with a thin layer of baking soda on your bare mattress. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and can be left on for a few hours to a day in order to extract any unpleasant smells. When the time comes, vacuum it up and carry on with making your bed.


Wipe Down the Ignored Areas

Wait. Was that a tumbleweed that just rolled through or a dust bunny? Even though the majority of our bedroom living is spent sleeping, this space can accumulate a surprising amount of dust. Thankfully, a bucket of warm, soapy water can make all the difference.


Have you paid attention to your baseboards or window panes lately (or ever)? Now, do not be alarmed, but when you wipe these down a baffling amount of dust and dirt will be lifted. While this may take extra time depending on the size of the room, it’s worth it to see these fresh and clean. You may even be able to breathe a bit easier!


Tackle Your Closet

Is your closet filled with heavy clothes and thick sweaters? Maybe even a few pairs of boots?  It’s time to pack away (or push to the side) these pieces and make room for your spring wardrobe.


While decluttering and organizing your closet seasonally is ideal, a spring/summer shift from fall/winter is great, too! During this wardrobe transition, mindfully go through your items and donate the things you no longer need. Not only are you paring down your belongings, you also have an opportunity to add organizational systems for those miscellaneous items that end up on the back of a chair.


Deep Clean Your Linens

Not much beats the feeling of clean sheets. If you want to achieve the cleanest of cleans, you can try the more recently popular laundry stripping technique. Not familiar with laundry stripping? It’s basically a deep clean that can be done with linens, towels, and clothes.


This technique removes build-up like body oil, detergents, and other residues from fabrics to leave behind a refreshed and renewed item. We think sheets are the perfect piece to give a deep clean this season.


Add Pops of Freshness (& Sleep Benefits!)

Make your freshly spring-cleaned room even more inviting with the addition of fresh cut blooms or greenery. Depending on the plants you choose to use as décor, you can reap quite a few sleep benefits.


For example, eucalyptus gives off a cool and sweet scent which can open up nasal passages. If you’re a congested sleeper, a few sprigs of eucalyptus in your space would be a great addition. If you have trouble winding down or staying asleep, chamomile and lavender should find their way to your nightstand. While chamomile is an herb, it flowers beautifully and would look effortless bedside. And of course, there is no denying the intoxicating purple of lavender that could bring a vibrant pop to any room. Both have properties to help soothe you and can help with sleep.


During any of these tasks, we highly recommend cracking open the windows and enjoying the cool breeze of spring. We wouldn’t object to a lemonade in hand either; whatever gets you in the spring-cleaning spirit! We hope these tips and tricks help you reclaim your space during this spring season.

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