Rekindle Your Flame With Sleep

Just like in your personal relationships, if you don’t prioritize your relationship with sleep, it might just fall flat and fizzle out. It’s time to spice things up in the bedroom – with your sleep routine that is ?!  If you’re ready to get back to feeling well-rested, check out these tips on how you can rekindle your flame with sleep.


Make A Plan

Just as you would for a hot date, set yourself up for a successful night’s sleep. Try scheduling out your sleep routine earlier in the day so when bedtime rolls around, you’re ready to hop right in! Layout your favorite pair of pajamas, stock up your nightstand with a tall glass of water, and preset all of your alarms for the next day. Knowing you’ve set yourself up for a comfy night’s sleep will ensure you’re in the mood when the time is right.


Try Something New

The best way to spice things up? Try something new. Find extra comfort by stepping outside of your comfort zone and try testing out new bedding. Start by determining what type of material will be most beneficial for you. Stick with the classic cotton for soft, durable sheets or experiment with new materials like silk or a ploy-blend. Want to take an even deeper plunge? Upgrade your mattress to one that can provide you all that you need for every stage of your sleep relationship. The Dear Sleep Dual-Sided Mattress is designed to meet all of your unique sleep needs.


Set The Mood

Create a calming, comforting environment in your sleep sanctuary. Crawl into bed early, light some candles, play your favorite Adele song and sit back and enjoy the ambiance to get you in the mood for a night of deep sleep. Eliminate distractions from scrolling on your phone and give your attention to yourself and your sleep setting. You’ll see your bedroom in a whole new, appealing, attractive way.


Communication Is Key

Be sure to set and communicate boundaries with yourself and others when it comes to your sleep needs. If you live in a lively house or share a bed with a partner, it’s important to express to them your needs when it comes to sleep so you can be more attentive and available outside the bedroom. Determine clear rules and definitive time frames you can dedicate to your nighttime routine so they can be sure to help and understand their role in your relationship with sleep.


When your relationship with sleep is strong, your personal relationships and overall health and wellness will also be strengthened. When you’re well-rested, have a clear mind, and are comfortable, you’re confident, and when you’re confident you can handle whatever is thrown your way! So it’s time to spark that flame and fall back in love with sleep.


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