Stress-Free Guide to Shopping for a Mattress

If you’ve shopped for a new mattress recently, you’ve likely noticed that there are a LOT of options – in fact, one would argue that there are too many options to know where to start. Enter the paradox of choice, or the theory that having too many options causes stress and slows down the decision-making process. This is why so many shoppers slow down or completely put off the process, which in turn leads to more nights of tossing and turning, aches and pains, and waking up feeling unrested.

At Dear Sleep, our combined years in the mattress industry has taught us that it does not have to be this way. That’s why we created our Stress-Free Guide to Shopping for Mattress! With this guide, you can cut through the mattress jargon and the promotional offers and find the best mattress that will help you sleep better for years to come.

Your Stress-Free Guide to Shopping for a Mattress

Before you start searching online and therefore get inundated with ads, start by creating a simple list that captures the following information for you and your sleep partner:

  • Your mattress comfort preference
  • Your temperature regulation needs (more on this below)
  • Your preferred size

Mattress Comfort Preference

Your new mattress is meant to be with you for 7-10 years. So, it’s important that you choose the right comfort level for you and your partner. While there are many options available today for those who want something super soft or extra firm, there are also “just right” options available in medium feels that will please any type of sleeper. Medium feels are also great for couples who don’t necessarily agree when it comes to comfort.

Temperature Regulation Needs

Sleeping too hot or too cold is one of the most common problems that disrupts sleep. Sleep temperature needs vary from person to person, and then everyone’s needs can change with the seasons or over time. Before you shop, make surer to assess exactly what you need in terms of temperature regulation. Do you need cooling features to prevent you from waking up drenched in sweat? Or do you need help staying comfortably warm without having to pile on all the covers? Most mattresses available today offer some sort of temperature regulation to help meet your specific needs.

Preferred Size

Everyone deserves enough room to stretch! For example, a couple sharing a bed with two dogs is going to be fighting for space if they are sharing a full-size bed. That’s why we always recommended selecting the largest size mattress that your bedroom can accommodate.

Now that you have the fundamentals down, it’s time to start researching your options online. Follow these tips to avoid information-overload and to stay focused on the task at hand:

  • Shop brands and retailers you can trust. There are a lot of brands out there today claiming to offer all the benefits at the best price. But you want to shop with brands and retailers that you trust when it comes to the quality of your sleep.
  • Look for brands and retailers that help simplify the process. We just talked about how confusing mattress shopping can be, so you should shop with brands or retailers that recognize this and aim to make it simpler.
  • Don’t worry about price just yet. Of course, you want to get the most value from your new mattress. But remember, you are going to live with your new mattress for 7-10 years so quality should come first.
  • Know the return and warranty policies. Comfort is subjective which is why it’s important to know the return and warranty polices before you buy. Most reputable brands offer a warranty to protect against manufacturing defects as well as some sort of return window for issues not related to manufacturing defects.

If you are ready to shop for a stress-free mattress shopping experience, we are here to help! Our unique Dear Sleep hybrid mattress was designed by a team with decades of mattress industry experience with a “just right” medium feel that’s perfect for any sleeper, plus dual-sided temperature regulation technology that’s cooling on one side and comfortably warm on the other. Click here to start shopping!

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