The Truth About Cooling Mattresses

If you’ve shopped for a mattress recently, chances are you’ve heard A LOT about “cooling mattresses”. But…what does this really mean? If a mattress is made to sleep 10x, 15x, 20x “cooler”, will it actually make you cold and uncomfortable while you sleep? Does it even matter once you put sheets and blankets on your mattress? After all, just about every major mattress brand is leading their messaging with something about cooling!


The team at Dear Sleep is here to help break down the industry jargon and uncover the truth about cooling mattresses! We sat down with our team of industry experts who have extensive experience with research, development, and marketing of mattresses – and it turns out that when it comes to cooling mattresses, there’s a lot more beneath the covers. (See what we did there?)


Anyone shopping for a mattress today is going to get inundated with ads and messages about “new cooling technologies”. What is this all about and why is this the top talking point among the major mattress brands today?


This all goes back to the 1990’s when memory foam mattresses started to grow in popularity for their ability to conform to the body and provide really great pressure relief. It wasn’t long until many consumers started to notice a trade-off for the comfort, which was that these mattresses got really hot and uncomfortable while people were sleeping on them. So, in the mid 2000’s, the major brands started introducing new types of memory foam that were more breathable so air could flow through and cause less heat build-up. It didn’t take long for these companies to start referring to this type of technology as “cooling memory foam”.


We’ve been in this industry a long time, and we always see that when one mattress brand comes out with a new message like cooling, then the rest start to follow suit. So, it almost becomes a one-upping game about whose mattress is the coolest.


Now, we’re hearing about mattresses sleeping 15x cooler which actually sounds kind of…. well cold and uncomfortable! Is there really a benefit to a mattress sleeping this “cool”?


Each mattress company will have its own way of testing its products to come up with its marketing claims. In some cases, the foam in the mattress may have been tested and compared against other types of foam to arrive at these claims. It always sounds good to say that your brand has something newer, better, or “more” compared to older products and other brands.


Does it really mattress to the mattress shopper? Not so much! What really matters is that the mattress has the technology to help regulate temperature, so each sleeper remains at an optimal sleep temperature regardless of whether they tend to sleep hot or cold. So, it’s less about cooling and more about temperature regulation.


What about all of the other stuff we put on our mattresses? Sheets, blankets, etc.?


Yes, this is just as important as having a mattress that helps regulate temperature! All of the things that are around your body during sleep create what we call your “micro sleeping environment” and the temperature is determined by what you wear to sleep, the temperature settings in your bedroom, your bedding, and your mattress. Ultimately, you want to make sure all of these elements are working based on your preferred sleep temperature.


For example, if you are someone who tends to get sweaty while sleeping then you want to wear lightweight, breathable pajamas, have a cooler temp set in your bedroom, maybe a fan on low, and lighter bedding so you can still get cozy but not too hot. Then, your mattress needs to have the ability to move heat away from the surface and respond to your body for what we call a balanced sleep surface temperature.


How does the new Dear Sleep mattress work compared to these other mattresses that are being marketed as “cooling” or “this many times cooler”?


We’ve been in this industry a long time and seen a lot of different technologies come and go, but temperature regulation is here to stay because it plays such an important role in our sleep comfort. Our unique Dear Sleep mattress is made with highly breathable foams that move heat through and away from the body, so you won’t feel that uncomfortable heat buildup underneath you while you are sleeping.


Then, we know that some people like to feel a little warmer while others a little cooler, which is why we have dual-sided technology with a cover that’s comfortably cool on one side and comfortably warmer on the other. So, as the weather changes or your needs change, you can just flip the mattress for optimal comfort. No other mattress brand is offering this technology, although many are still focusing only on the “cooling” aspect of their technologies.


Wow! Now, we finally understand what all the hype is around cooling mattresses, why it’s a thing, and why it isn’t necessarily the most important thing when it comes to shopping for a new mattress.



  • Just about every mattress brand today is talking about having a super-cooling mattress that is 5x, 10x, however many times cooler than something else.
  • Cooling technology emerged in response to the rise of popularity among memory foam mattresses, which are super comfortable but used to get very, very hot while people were sleeping.
  • Whether or not a mattress is the “most cool” is not nearly as important as whether or not the mattress can help regulate temperature based on your body temperature and specific needs.
  • Your sleep environment also plays a huge role in your sleep comfort, specifically your bedroom temperature, pajamas, and bedding.
  • Temperature regulation and overall comfort, in our opinion, are the most important factors when choosing a new mattress.

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