Transform Your Sleep In 2022

We hear of plenty of New Year’s resolutions that talk about getting better sleep. However, what are they doing about it? We’ve got a few ideas to make it actually happen this year. With a few additional sleep-oriented resolutions, you can round out the perfect set to follow through on and create the most successful resolution yet!


Let 2022 be the year of great sleep and leave the sleepless nights in years past. Here are five New Year’s resolutions that will help you transform your sleep all year long.


Create an Enjoyable Bedtime Routine

Bedtime routines play an integral part in a good night’s sleep. What are you waiting for? Set yourself up for success and treat yourself. While bedtime routines are completely customizable, may we suggest taking this time to focus on YOU? This time before bed is an opportunity to give yourself some attention away from distractions and stresses of the day. If you relish in self-care, create a spa-like experience before bed. Pop on some soothing sounds, enjoy a warm bath or shower, and layer on your 5-step skincare routine (we know you’ve got one!). If you’re an avid reader, snuggling up in bed with your latest read and coziest pajamas works, too! Find what you feel is the most soothing and lean into that at least a half-hour before bedtime.


Incorporate Light Yoga Before Bed

Emphasis on light. We’re not suggesting you go into a hot and/or intense yoga routine here. Instead, focus on gentle movements and connecting the body and mind. If you’re looking for suggestions, we rounded up a few of our favorite moves and classes in Your New Go-To Yoga Night Routine. These are sure to alleviate tension in the shoulders and lower back to help relax your body and position yourself for a night of blissful rest.


Invest in a Great Mattress

So maybe it’s cliché that a mattress company suggests investing in a mattress to help with your sleep resolutions. However, we aren’t ashamed and we’re leaving it on the list. Whether you’re looking to stay comfortable in bed for longer periods of time or getting a higher quality of sleep, we’re pretty sure we can hook you up. We’ve focused on perfecting the mattress so you get one that’s ‘just right.’ Getting a quality night’s sleep never felt so good.


Complete with Bedding

So, you’ve got the perfect mattress from Dear Sleep, now dress it up with some stylish and cozy bedding. Snag sheets that fit your preference and season like flannel, cotton, or silk. Then pile on those cozy layers. Plush blankets, a fluffy comforter, and plenty of pillows (if that’s your thing, of course). The more welcoming your bed is the more likely you’ll want to dive right in.


Create the Ideal Sleep Environment

Let’s make sure your space is set up to take you right off to dreamland. Did you know there is an ideal room temperature for optimal sleep? Think between 60 and 72 degrees. You can either set your thermostat, open a window, or turn on a fan (which pulls double duty if you want white noise). Additionally, a dark room will help you get a more restful night sleep. Not into blackout shades? No problem. Add a comfy eye mask on your nightstand so it’s within reach.


What are you waiting for? Get going on these sleep resolutions today and get on the road to a better night’s sleep. Cheers to a happy and more comfortable new year!

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