Why Choose a Mattress with Individually Wrapped Coils?

Why Choose a Mattress with Individually Wrapped Coils?

When you are shopping for a new mattress, it’s important to understand the different types of construction available today before you start the process. Otherwise, it can get confusing pretty quickly! First, there are different types of mattress construction including memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid. Then, within the innerspring mattress category there are different types of steel coil support systems. There’s a lot of terminology and jargon to cut through, which is why we are going to break it all down for you here in this blog post.

Types of Innersprings

Most mattresses sold today consist of a support system that’s made from either steel coils or high-density foam. Mattresses made with steel coils are called “innerspring” while those made with a high-density foam support system are called “memory foam” or “all foam”. Then, withing the innerspring category, there are different types each with its own distinct benefits:

  • Bonnel Coils. Found in lower-end mattresses, these coils are shaped like an hourglass and flex easily under pressure.
  • Continuous Coils. This type of innerspring is made from a single, continuous wire made into an “S” shape. This construction increases durability.
  • Individually Wrapped Coils. As the name implies, an individually wrapped coil system is made from hundreds of individually wrapped steel coils that work independently from one another for enhanced support and motion isolation.

Our Innerspring Winner: Individually Wrapped Coils

While there are benefits to each type of innerspring construction, we prefer a mattress with individually wrapped coils for their ability to respond quickly to weight and adapting to your body for optimal support. Because each coil operates independently, the system is able to absorb motion which means that if your sleep partner moves, you are less likely to wake from feeling the motion. Additionally, mattress manufacturers can choose from different coil gauges to help create the overall feel of the mattress, with higher gauge offering a softer feel and a lower gauge creating a firmer feel.

The Best of Both Worlds: Individually Wrapped Coils + Gel Memory Foam

Hybrid mattresses are a popular choice today because they offer the unique comfort and temperature regulation of gel memory foam plus the trusted support of an individually wrapped coil innerspring. With this construction, you get the pressure relieving comfort and temperature regulation of gel memory foam with the advanced support of the individually wrapped coil innerspring system.

Our new Dear Sleep Mattress offers a hybrid construction from our 900 Series Individually Wrapped Coil Maximum Support Innerspring and premium Gel Memory Foam. And while most mattresses sold today are single-sided, ours dual-sided with tour Warm Up / Chill Out™ Technology that’s comfortably warm on one side and cooling on the other. With this unique mattress, you can sleep comfortably through any season and stage of life.

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