Your New Go-To Yoga Night Routine

If you’re struggling with getting a restful night’s sleep, it may be time to change up your nighttime routine. Are you scrolling through endless social media updates? Maybe watching a show that gets your heart racing? While it’s encouraged to step away from screens at least an hour before bed, implementing certain practices like a yoga night routine will help get you to a place of relaxation.

Yoga has the power to slow down and help us connect with both our body and mind. Opting for gentle yoga poses in the evening will help alleviate the stresses of the day and get your body prepared for a good night’s sleep. So, what type of poses should you incorporate into your new yoga night routine?

Child’s Pose

This pose is a restorative pose. If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you’ll notice this pose is used to stretch and reset. It stretches the hips, thighs, and even releases tension in the lower back. [1] Extra credit: An Extended Child Pose allows you to stretch out your arms and begin releasing tension in your shoulders. Pair this with intentional breathing and you’ll be sure you feel stress melt away.

Reclining Twists

Another pose that offers tension relief and can even help you destress. Since this pose opens up the chest, shoulders, and back, you’ll notice with proper breath work the feeling of anxiousness subside. A supine twist is a great one for the evening. [2]


Now this pose is one to cue relaxation in the body. While lying on your back, focus on relaxing every muscle in the body. Yes, that includes your face. Allow your arms and feet to fall where they please and clear your mind. By doing this pose correctly, it has the ability to alleviate stress and tension while deepen your breath. [3]

Looking for a more guided session for your yoga night routine? You won’t want to miss these.

Wind-Down Yoga Flow with Alex Silver Fagan

You can find this 16-minute session on the Nike Training Club app for free. The short session is perfect for releasing tension in the areas we hold it most. Enjoy some time on the mat at the end of a long day or before bed.

5-Minute Yoga for Sleep with Yoga With Bird

We all have at least five minutes, right? What about five minutes to help achieve a good night’s sleep? Yoga With Bird utilizes those few minutes and takes you on a relaxing session to unwind and clear the mind. No need for sweat bands, the light flow can even be down in your PJs!

Once you choose your new go-to yoga night routine, you’ll be well on your way to creating a new bedtime ritual that helps unwind your body and mind for the deep and restorative sleep you need to feel your best every day! And you’ll reap the other benefits of yoga, including reducing back pain, improving strength and flexibility, increasing muscle strength and tone, and reducing stress. [4]

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