Your Sleep Routine Guide

Do you know what you deserve? A good night’s sleep. It’s no secret that the days can be jam-packed and rushing from one task to the other doesn’t leave much time for unwinding. The good news is that implementing a sleep routine can be pretty simple. By adding a few things and reframing how we navigate others, we created a guide to get you ready for a great night’s sleep!


Nighttime Yoga

Couple doing yoga


It’s a good idea to move your body throughout the day to help with sleep, but sometimes you either don’t have enough time or just need to alleviate tension! When it comes to nighttime exercise, gentle yoga gets our vote. Slow down both your body and mind with a light yoga practice or simple stretches.


Put Your Phone to Bed

Woman scrolling mobile phone in bed


The body is in tune with light so when we add screens into the mix in the evening, it sends signals to the brain that it’s time to be awake. Phones, televisions, and tablets emit blue light which impacts our alertness, so if you’ve noticed you have trouble falling asleep after scrolling through your social feeds, blue light is most likely the culprit. It’s recommended to put screens away 30 minutes before bed, however, we encourage turning in a little earlier and focusing on truly relaxing!


At-Home Spa Night

Cat relaxing in bed with cucumbers on eyes


Create a relaxing experience before bed. It’s been said that an evening bath or shower can improve the quality of your sleep. The theory behind it is that the warm water can stimulate blood flow to the hands and feet; this will help the body relax and has the potential to help fall asleep in less time (a win-win!). Grab a salt rock night light for a glowing ambiance, your favorite bath bomb, and unwind.


Softly Turn Up the Tunes

Young woman listening to relaxing music in bed


Music has the power to influence. Going for a run? Turn on the song that gets you hyped up! Like how an upbeat song can help get you moving, calming music can help ease you into a more relaxed state of mind. With plenty of curated playlists on streaming platforms, you’ll be able to find the perfect one. We recommend playing it while getting ready for bed to get the full benefits.


Dive Into a Bedtime Story

Woman reading in bed

Bedtime stories aren’t just for children. If you’re avoiding blue light from screens, reading may be the perfect solution to unwind before bed. It’s best to read something light that won’t cause stress before going to sleep.


Feeling inspired to upgrade your sleep routine? By establishing enjoyable and relaxing rituals like these, you’ll be looking forward to bedtime all day long!

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