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Dear Sleep Dual-Sided Hybrid Mattress


Shopping for a new mattress is no longer a guessing game with Dear Sleep. With a medium feel, optimal support for every type of sleeper, and your choice of temperature on either side – this is truly a mattress designed for everyone. Order today and we’ll notify you when it’s available to ship.

Made in the USA 100 Night Mattress Trial
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10 Year Warranty Adjustable Base Friendly



Product Description

The mattress for
every season
and stage of life.

Warm Up / Chill Out™ Technology

Comfortably warm on one side, cooling on the other.

Optimal support for any sleep position.

900 Series Maximum Support Individually Wrapped Coil Innerspring

Left cutaway view of the Dear Sleep Dual-Sided Hybrid Mattress, cool side.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

All the pressure relief, none of the heat build-up.

Ships Free to Your Door

Fast shipping directly to you for simple unboxing and set-up.

Designed In Our Chicago Studio

The Dear Sleep Mattress was designed by a group of women with deep expertise in the sleep products industry to simplify mattress shopping while delivering on comfort, support, and temperature regulation for everyone. Our products are proudly made at our manufacturing facilities in the United States and backed by or 10-Year Warranty and a 100-Night Trial

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Additional Information

10-Year Non-Prorated Warranty
30-Night Trial
Free Standard Shipping
Easy set-up, no tools required

Twin Weights & Dimensions:

Mattress Dimensions (inches) 38×75
Box Dimensions (inches) 19x19x45
Mattress Weight (lbs) 42
Weight with Box (lbs) 46
Mattress Profile (inches) 12
Twin XL Weights & Dimensions:

Mattress Dimensions (inches) 38×80
Box Dimensions (inches) 19x19x45
Mattress Weight (lbs) 45
Weight with Box (lbs) 49
Mattress Profile (inches) 12
Full Weights & Dimensions:

Mattress Dimensions (inches) 54×75
Box Dimensions (inches) 19x19x45
Mattress Weight (lbs) 57
Weight with Box (lbs) 61
Mattress Profile (inches) 12
Queen Weights & Dimensions:

Mattress Dimensions (inches) 60×80
Box Dimensions (inches) 19x19x45
Mattress Weight (lbs) 70
Weight with Box (lbs) 74
Mattress Profile (inches) 12
King Weights & Dimensions:

Mattress Dimensions (inches) 76×80
Box Dimensions (inches) 19x19x45
Mattress Weight (lbs) 89
Weight with Box (lbs) 93
Mattress Profile (inches) 12
Cal King Weights & Dimensions:

Mattress Dimensions (inches) 72×84
Box Dimensions (inches) 19x19x45
Mattress Weight (lbs) 89
Weight with Box (lbs) 93
Mattress Profile (inches) 12

13 reviews for Dear Sleep Dual-Sided Hybrid Mattress

  1. Miki G.

    I love this mattress! We had put off buying a new mattress for some time because there were always way too many options to choose from. But with this mattress, we didn’t have to make any decisions. The comfort is perfect for both me and my husband, not too soft and not too firm. I’ve definitely noticed the temperature regulation working since I typically wake up from getting hot, which hasn’t happened since we made the switch. I’d definitely recommend this mattress to anyone!

  2. Kay M

    The mattress arrived on Saturday. There were no directions or tools. My daughter used a regular scissors to remove the plastic The bed took almost 24 hours to fully inflate
    I’ve only slept on it for one night but it was very comfortable.

  3. Tonya C

    I have had several mattresses, but the Dear Sleep mattress is by far the best one I have ever had. I have had the opportunity to sleep on both sides of the mattress, and I could definitely feel the difference between the cool and heating effects, which was refreshing. I am sleeping much better. It has just the right amount of firmness.

  4. Jess

    My boyfriend and I really enjoy this mattress! I appreciate that it only took a few hours to fully inflate so we were able to use it the night it arrived. It’s way more comfortable than our old mattress and our dog loves us having the extra room too. We have only used one side of the mattress so far, but we are looking forward flipping it over in the summer!

  5. Frances G

    In two words…the “just right” mattress! Not too hard/soft, not too hot/cold, etc. As both a side sleeper (left and right) as well as a back sleeper, I used to wake up with pain from pressure points on my old mattress. My new Dear Sleep mattress is so comfortable in every position – I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep with no aches or pains upon waking. It’s also a “quiet” bed – I don’t hear or feel my spouse getting in/out of bed, so neither disturbs the other with a late or early work schedule. I also love the idea of a two sided bed that helps with even wear over the years. One note – I have a king size bed and suggest two people to set up the mattress.

  6. Shannon B

    Winter in Chicago with a mattress that warms you up…who could ask for anything more. Well, you don’t need to ask this mattress just delivers. Good support for me, enough softness for my husband. Unwrapping it was impressive, never thought something so comfy could come in a box. Tried the cool side too and believe it will be great for the hot summers. Nice to have a flippable mattress again!

  7. Kay M

    Wonderful mattress. Always bounces back and very comfortable

  8. Lynn B.

    It was super exciting and convenient to receive the mattress at my door vs. waiting for a “window” for delivery. I wondered how my new queen-sized bed fit in the relatively compact box. Once I opened it, I saw the magic!

    After removing the plastic, the mattress inflated into a normal size, ready-for-sleep bed within minutes. I chose to wait 24 hours for complete inflation before sleeping on it.

    I didn’t realize how much I tossed and turned and awakened at night, until I didn’t. The first night sleeping on this bed, I think I turned over once instead of at least once every hour on my old mattress. I slept on the cool side as I’m normally hot and sleep with a fan. I think the temperature regulation made quite the difference for me.

    When I woke up the following morning, I was very pleased with the mattress and how my body felt. Subsequent nights were more of the same. After a few nights, I went back to my old bed to ensure that it wasn’t a coincidence. It wasn’t. I love my new mattress!

  9. Morgan B.

    We recently switched from a full-size bed we got from Walmart to the King size dear sleep hybrid mattress, and after about a month of sleeping on it we love it!

    To start there was some confusion with the shipping (somehow our mattress ended up in Minnesota instead of Texas?) but it finally got to us, albeit in a pretty rough and beat up box, with no branding on it. Inside the mattress was wrapped in thick plastic and a lot of tape, but there was a little letter opener inside, which actually worked well to cut it out. Once we got it out it rolled out and puffed up quickly, and was pretty easy to get onto our bed.

    Moving on to actually sleeping on it, our black lab sleeps in the bed with us every night, and while before we were constantly being pushed off, we now have plenty of room. Even on the edge of the bed, it doesn’t feel like you’re falling off, and there’s no discernable “sink” in the center that we all roll into; the entire bed is very flat. We also used to get very hot with the dog laying between us, but in this new bed temperature is not an issue. Not once have we woken up sweating or freezing cold. We also used to wake up sore constantly, my boyfriend had shoulder and back problems from a sports injury that were made much worse by our old bed. In this new one, he never complains about waking up sore anymore.

    Overall we love this bed, but we can’t really compare it against other king size beds, as we’ve only previously had a full-size, but what we can say is it is an excellent upgrade from our full-size bed, and we feel (as good as we can) when we wake up at 5:45 every morning!

  10. Maddie D

    A must buy! I recently switched mattresses and decided to choose a Dear Sleep bed in a box mattress. At first I was apprehensive to invest in a bed in a box mattress but quickly discovered that this mattress was a rare find.

    The mattress was super easy to take out of the box and was ready to use in minutes. Although, I waited the recommended 24 hours. In my first couple uses of the mattress, the most notable feature was the temperature control feature. I prefer the cool side and no longer have any issues with being too warm at night!

    In addition, the comfort ability of this mattress is one I haven’t been able to find in my previous mattresses. I no longer toss and turn at night.

    Overall, I am a fan of this mattress and would buy again!

  11. Jordan M.

    I love my Dear Sleep mattress! It’s incredibly comfortable but still firm, it’s literally the best of both worlds for comfort. Since I switched to the DS mattress I’ve been sleeping thru the night and I’m not tossing and turning as often, if at all. It was extremely easy to open and put on my bed frame and the shipping was within days of placing my order. If you need a mattress that ships straight to your home that you will love, this is the bed for you.

  12. Sharon D

    I love my new mattress. . Ordering was easy, delivery was great
    Very easy to place on existing box spring. So comfortable. I like the fact that it has a cool side and a warm side. Planning to buy one more. So glad I bought it.

  13. Alan T

    I’ve had my mattress for some time now. I have back issues and have been a side sleeper for years. I am now able to sleep flat on my back! Now add to the happy list the fact that when I lay next to the edge of the mattress or sit down the sides of this mattress does not sink or try to roll me out of the bed! You hit a home run with your mattress!! Box up another one and send it to me….I love it…

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