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Scott Living by Restonic Hybrid Mattress


No need to choose between innerspring and specialty foams – you can have both with this hybrid mattress. Begin with a 970 individually-wrapped innerspring unit that supports every curve and add gel memory foam to reduce pressure point discomfort. This medium-firm mattress is ideal for back, side and stomach sleepers – and it’s adjustable-base friendly.

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Product Description

Shippable Sleep
from Scott Living
by Restonic

Scott Living by Drew and Jonathan badge.


970 Twin® Support Individually Wrapped Innerspring with Quantum Edge.

Pressure Relief

2″ high density super soft foam + 1″ premium gel memory foam

Left cutaway view of the Scott Living by Restonic Hybrid Mattress.

Temperature Management

2Cool® Fabric Technology

Ships Free to Your Door

Fast shipping directly to you for simple unboxing and set-up.

Designed & Built in the USA.

Drew and Jonathan Scott bring accessible luxury to a hand-crafted mattress designed to deliver cool, comfortable support for a great night’s sleep. When it comes to quality and convenience, the Scott Living Shippable Sleep Mattress by Restonic scores top marks. What’s more, we’ll ship your mattress directly to your front door. Perfect, right?

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Winner: Women's Choice Award

Twin Weights & Dimensions:

Mattress Dimensions (inches) 38×75
Box Dimensions (inches) 19x19x45
Mattress Weight (lbs) 58
Weight with Box (lbs) 62
Mattress Profile (inches) 12
Twin XL Weights & Dimensions:

Mattress Dimensions (inches) 38×80
Box Dimensions (inches) 19x19x45
Mattress Weight (lbs) 60
Weight with Box (lbs) 64
Mattress Profile (inches) 12
Full Weights & Dimensions:

Mattress Dimensions (inches) 54×75
Box Dimensions (inches) 19x19x45
Mattress Weight (lbs) 72
Weight with Box (lbs) 76
Mattress Profile (inches) 12
Queen Weights & Dimensions:

Mattress Dimensions (inches) 60×80
Box Dimensions (inches) 19x19x45
Mattress Weight (lbs) 88
Weight with Box (lbs) 92
Mattress Profile (inches) 12
King Weights & Dimensions:

Mattress Dimensions (inches) 76×80
Box Dimensions (inches) 19x19x45
Mattress Weight (lbs) 111
Weight with Box (lbs) 115
Mattress Profile (inches) 12
Cal King Weights & Dimensions:

Mattress Dimensions (inches) 72×84
Box Dimensions (inches) 19x19x45
Mattress Weight (lbs) 112
Weight with Box (lbs) 116
Mattress Profile (inches) 12

17 reviews for Scott Living by Restonic Hybrid Mattress

  1. Justin S.

    Amazing Mattress with All The Perks

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. The Scott Living Shippable Sleep Mattress comes to your door in a flash and is designed to provide a comfortable, cool, great night’s sleep. Whether you are on a platform, box spring, or adjustable base, the Scott Living Shippable Sleep Mattress is base friendly and can work with whatever you may be utilizing. The exclusive edge-to-edge technology provides maximum support and adjustability, great for deep comfort all over.

    The Scott’s Living Shippable Sleep Mattress was delivered very quickly. Upon bringing it into the home, it was very easy to unbox. The mattress expanded to full capacity immediately in a matter of minutes. The protective cover has a modern and unique design and is very soft to the touch. Upon feeling the top, it was soft, conforming, yet firm and supportive. There was zero smell to this mattress which was amazing because it was immediately ready to use!

    This is my first memory foam mattress and the only thing I regret is not switching to one sooner (especially the Scott’s Living Sleep Mattress). This first week of sleep has provided some of the best sleep I have had in a while. While I cannot speak to the longevity of it yet, it feels like high quality and it will last for years to come. The mattress conforms to your body, yet you can still easily move around without feeling like you have sunk into a hole. Upon waking up, my body feels rejuvenated and does not ache. I never woke up in a night sweat either. The mattress provides a cooling feature that allows you to rest throughout the entire night.

    I would highly recommend the Scott Living Shippable Sleep Mattress to anyone, any age, as long as your desire a great night’s sleep. We sleep 1/3 of our life, so you should be getting the best night’s rest you possibly can, and this bed is a great way to start. This is a high quality mattress that can be at your door within days and you can start feeling the same great morning wake-ups that I have felt over this last week!

  2. Cassie P.

    Comfortable Sleep!

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I was excited to sleep on the Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleep Hybrid Mattress. It was my first experience with a hybrid mattress and I was eager to replace our 15+ year old spring mattress.

    The description states it has “edge-to-edge sleep surface, maximum adjustability, and 5 support zones for correct spinal alignment”. I love the idea of the edge-to-edge sleep surface, but I noticed on our mattress that the memory foam top layer is not adhered exactly to the edge of the bottom layer, which creates a bit of an unsupported “lip” of about a half inch on one side of the mattress. It certainly doesn’t effect the comfort while sleeping, but it is noticable while sitting on the edge.

    One thing I really like about the mattress is that I can’t really feel when my significant other moves around on his side of the bed. I also like the feel and comfort of the top quilting. It has been an adjustment to go from a spring mattress to a memory foam/hybrid mattress. I think I prefer my spring mattress for longevity, but, after researching online, spring mattresses are more difficult to come by these days.

    Overall, we’re happy with the comfort of this mattress. It’s not too soft, but not too firm, which is exactly what we prefer. My only concern is how long it will last. We don’t think it will be as comfortable in 15 years, as compared to our spring mattress, but we expect to get several great years of comfortable sleep on it! Then we plan on looking at some of the other, higher end, thicker mattresses from this same line.

  3. Shirley W.

    Excellent Mattress. Excellent Sleep.

    “I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. The Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleep Hybrid Mattress is excellent. It has 5 support zones with wrapped innersprings and a thick foam layer. It helps you to sleep cooler. It works with a box spring or an adjustable base

    The mattress was fairly easy to move an unpack. After unrolling the outside plastic layer the mattress laid flat. We cut off the heavy plastic and the mattress started expanding right away. I ordered a king size mattress. It is a little heavy at 125 pounds. Be sure to have enough help.

    I have never tried a memory foam hybrid mattress. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how well I slept the first nite. We had been sleeping on a pillow top mattress. This mattress has a lot more spinal support. I don’t move around as much and sleep sounder. I wish we had changed mattresses sooner.

    I would definitely recommend this mattress to anyone wanting an excellent nights sleep. If you are not familiar with a hybrid mattress this is a great time to check them out. The Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleep Hybrid Mattress is an excellent mattress to buy.”

  4. Aimee F.

    Skeptical at first, but instantly convinced!

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. First time shopper of a mattress that was shipped to my home and I am a fan! I was a bit concerned that the mattress would be thin or flimsy (I mean, how else could it get sent via a box?) Upon arrival, I followed the simple instructions and got the mattress out of the box. I placed the mattress onto the box spring and bed frame and used the tool to open the plastic wrap; it was super enjoyable to watch this mattress open up and expand. Again, I had been skeptical. After letting the mattress sit for about an hour, I laid down on it and was very impressed at the way the mattress cushions your body. It felt thick and sturdy!

    My spouse and I have now slept on the Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleep Hybrid Mattress for about a week. I feel like I toss and turn a bit less and I don’t feel achy in the hips after a long nights rest. My spouse also said that he likes the new mattress and feels he is getting good sleep on it.

    I would happily look into this brand again when the time comes to get another mattress. I am hopeful it stands the test of time and wears well.

  5. Amanda S.

    Seems okay but not sold just yet

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. This was the first time for me to try a hybrid mattress. I’ve already purchased a spring or foam style one in the past so I was hoping for some better technology and restful sleep. The box arrived (120lbs) and once opened it has a sheet with instructions and a cutting tool. Once the outer plastic was removed the mattress instantly started fluffing up and you could hear the air going into it since the compression. The paper in the box indicates it is ready to go in an hour (but it seemed still quite small so I called customer service. They said to wait 72hrs which was conflicting to the paper in the box). The mattress once fluffed was a bit more narrow than what I expect for a Queen and it lacked the height I’ve had in past mattresses so I was disappointed. After sleeping on the mattress it seemed very soft and squishy and mimics the old water beds from the 80’s. I’m still unsure how I truly feel as it hasn’t been a long enough period to really give my opinion but I’m keeping an open mind. The top fabric is soft and plush and the mattress texture is definitely a cross between a squishy spring and gel sheets. I’m hopeful it will keep its shape better than spring and foam styles as those dent too quickly for my preference.

  6. Sherri K.

    Cool, rejuvenating, & sound night’s sleep

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I purchased a Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleep Hybrid Mattress. It has an innerspring system and a memory foam layer, in addition to 5 support zones. It is a nice thick sturdy mattress, but still designed to keep you cool at night. Since I started sleeping on this mattress, I have noticed that I do not wake up as many times during the night. I sleep more soundly and wake up feeling more refreshed. I also feel that this mattress is very supportive on my back, as I have less back pain during the day. I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone that is on their feet all day and/or anyone who tosses & turns all night. It definitely provides a cool, rejuvenating, sound night’s sleep.

  7. Ryan A.

    Great product and workmanship

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. First time buyer of a shippable mattress, I cannot stress how happy I am to have purchased this product. The box arrived earlier than expected in a sturdy and intact box. Unpackaging the mattress was a breeze! The mattress unrolled and was flat within about 2 hours, I began using it the same night. The quality and workmanship that has gone into making this product is apparent and very well made. This is my first foam mattress and I will say I was hesitant that I would sink into the mattress and the shape would stay, but this has not been the case. I also am not overly hot at night, as I have seen with many other foam mattresses.Great product!

  8. Michelle H.

    Very impressed

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. The Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleep Hybrid Mattress was beyond needed for my husband and I. I am excited to be replacing our 15 year old mattress with this one! It was very easy for my husband and I to take out of the box and set up. It says after 1 hour it will be ready for use and it was, but we gave it a full 24 hours just to let it fully adjust. Waking up from our first night of sleeping on this mattress, we couldn’t believe how good we felt. No back or shoulder pain for the first time in a very long time for the both of us! The mattress is firm which my husband loves I wouldn’t mind if it was a bit softer, but it is still very comfortable. The information card does say that it will feel firm in the beginning, but you will adjust to the feel of a properly supported mattress. That will explain why we haven’t woke up in any pain because we’re being supported properly. I love that if either of us move around the other doesn’t get disturbed. We love our new mattress and highly recommend it. I just wished we would have purchased it sooner!

  9. Vernae H.

    My Best Sleep in Years!

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I received my mattress in less than a week, when smaller packages take almost a month due to COVID-19. I got a kick out of the size of the bundle. I thought they accidentally sent me the wrong size, but it was right. When I unrolled it, my mattress hissed for five minutes and looked queen sized in eight minutes. They say it takes a full day to reach its optimal size and texture. So I slept on the sofa. (My other mattress was also very old.) But when I finally slept on it, I was so relieved to find this level of comfort. I had slept on two other similar brands and didn’t like either. My first night with the Scotts wasn’t even a full night’s sleep and I felt amazing. My back problems are improving and my coworkers say I’m less of a witch. Yes, I recommend it to anyone who prefers a firm mattress that doesn’t let you overheat. Sleep well.

  10. Maureen D.

    Firm Hybrid Mattress That is Good, Not Great

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I have been wanting to get a new mattress for a couple of years, so when this offer came about, I was more than happy to give this Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleep Hybrid Mattress a try. I was so looking forward to trying this and hoping it would improve my sleep, but have to say that I haven’t noticed much difference. I do experience some right hip and leg pain while sleeping and it has decreased a little, but not enough for me to celebrate the positives of the mattress. It is more firm than I was expecting and I tend to like a softer, more plush type of mattress.

    Unfortunately, the box that it was shipped in was a plain, brown cardboard box, so there was no information on the packaging. This mattress was very easy to set up and I do like the vacuum packaging that lets it expand once you cut open the plastic covering. I was thankful there was no weird odor that sometimes comes with foam bedding products. I found that my sheets easily fit around the corners and that has been something that I’ve been struggling with when I had our last mattress.

    We’ve been sleeping on this for over a week now and it’s a good mattress, but not great. It is a perfect mattress for people that are looking for a firm mattress, and not so great if you’re looking for a plush, dreamy type mattress that you find in 5 star hotels.

    I will be looking to purchase a plush mattress bed topper so that I can try to achieve my idea of a perfect nights sleep.

    I’m glad I was able to purchase this product at a special price and I know I can add to the mattress so I will be able to use this mattress for years to come as a base and add a nice topper so that it fits both me and my husbands sleep needs.

    If you’re looking for a firm mattress, then this one is for you. Look elsewhere if that’s not what you want.

  11. Ericka S.

    I’m very impressed by this Hybrid Mattress!

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I was very surprised by the comfort and appealing look of the Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleep Hybrid Mattress! When it arrived in a box, I thought this can’t be good, but frankly, once we opened the box and rolled-out the mattress on the bed, I couldn’t believe how nicely the mattress expanded, and it looks so luxurious. I have been sleeping on this wonderful and cool mattress for just over a week, but I already feel I have been getting better sleep and feel very rested in the morning. I truly love the luxury texture feel of the mattress, and I’m very happy by the comfort and good sleep I am getting from the Hybrid Technology of the Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleep Hybrid Mattress!

  12. Rachael C.

    Best Sleep in Years!

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I had been looking into getting a mattress shipped in the mail after several friends had recommended this option to me because of the ease. I ordered my Restonic Scott Living Shipping Sleep Hybrid Mattress from their website. It took approximately 2 weeks to arrive. When I opened it, it was vaccum sealed and looked fairly thin. I cut the seal and the mattress expanded immediately. It was so soft and easy to set up. I formerly had a spring mattress and was so excited to try a spring free mattress. Over the next week, I slept better than I had in years. No squicky sounds, no tossing and and turning, and no waking up when my husband rolls over or gets out of bed. I used to wake up with pains from body aches from the old mattress, but they have completely gone away after sleeping on my new mattress. I work in the service industry which can be very physical at times, but my new mattress has helped my body to get the sleep it needs, and I feel well rested and able to perform my job better. My body feels great, and I am so much happier waking up well rested and pain free. I would recommend this mattress to anyone looking for an honest good nights sleep. The fact that you don’t have to go to the store and find a mattress and then pay.for delivery fees just makes this whole experience even better. Thank you Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleeping Hybrid Mattress. You have changed my life!

  13. Mirjana V.

    Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleep Mattress

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I received mattress and I’m very pleasantly surprised by this wonderful mattress. It came in box at my door. The box was heavy.

    The mattress is super comfortable for me and I’m sleeping well on it. The mattress is well build with no strange odors. I like firm mattress and it perfectly fits in my needs. I’m glad the mattress was made without any toxic materials. This mattress needs deep pocket sheets because it’s tick .

    I don’t have any negative thing to say about Restonic Scott Living Sleep Mattress. I will recommend this mattress to others .

  14. Pandora P.

    Fantastic mattress with great support

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I bought the Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleep Hybrid Mattress to replace an older memory foam mattress. The hybrid of memory foam and springs ended up being a perfect fit for my husband and I. The springs give the bed more support than just standard memory foam. But the memory foam gives that familiar comfortable feeling with no pressure points.

    It was also extremely convenient that we could order the mattress online and have it delivered to our home. It arrived in a vacuum sealed bag and I followed the simple instructions on how to open it without damaging it.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this mattress for anyone who likes memory foam but finds themselves wanting a bit more support.

  15. Elizabeth L.

    Jonathan and Drew come through

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I was a bit skeptical about a mattress in a box, but I love the Property Brothers so I was open to trying their product.

    Even though the website said there may be a delay, I received my mattress in just a few days. The box was delivered to my door and it was pretty heavy so I needed help carrying it in, luckily I have a big burly son. The mattress was well packaged, sturdy box so no damage to the mattress.

    I watched the video on how to set up the mattress, simple. It was amazing to watch as the mattress unfolded and lifted and viola, a new mattress. By the next day, the mattress was fully expanded. It isn’t as tall as my last mattress, but I don’t think that makes a difference, time will tell.

    I’ve slept on it about a week so far. I always toss turn and sleep fitfully and worry I’m waking my husband. With this mattress I think he feels my movements less. One of the main reasons I wanted to try this mattress is that it promised a cooler sleep, not sure if it is wishful thinking, but I think I’ve woken up sweaty less often.

    Overall happy with the mattress and have no buyers regrets.

  16. Lisa R.

    I absolutely love this mattress!

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I absolutley love this mattress! I struggle with insomnia and it’s hard for me to get enough sleep most nights. Since I have been using this mattress, I’ve been sleeping great every night, which is a miracle for me, and worth its weight in gold! It’s more firm than I thought it would be, but it’s also very soft and super comfortable. I would highly recommend this mattress to everyone.

  17. Wendy T.

    Best Mattress Ever

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. We love our new Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleep Hybrid Mattress!!! It was so easy to unwrap and assemble. It took no time at all for it to fully inflate. The mattress is so cool and comfortable! It seems to helps keep my body cool and very rested. My back has never felt better after sleeping on this mattress for a few weeks. This brand will definitely be our go-to mattress brand! I definitely recommend this product for everyone!!

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